Monday, September 12, 2011


Kitty in kitchen window. kitty sleeping What? What's going on? Kitty! New kitty! New kitty in apt.

New kitty in my apt! Everyone is shocked when I mention this new cat so I thought I would Give everyone a nice look at the new addition to the apt. My little sister is pregnant and moved into a space with two huge dogs, where as before they were separate. My boyfriend, James, and I decited to take him in.

Vern is quite the shy kitty. He hides and runs away at the slightest noise. Fat Baci has been very respectful at slowly introducing Vernon, a.k.a shadow kichi (kichi = kitty in polish), to his new space. Almost all the pictures I take of him come out blurry. He is quite fast and very very silent and gone before I can grab my camera. This last pic is a quick shot I took with my IPhone. So cute!

Fat Baci and Shadow Kichi

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