Thursday, October 13, 2011


Photo: Kanibal Home Jersey City, NJ.

I spy ....

EEK! The pillows looks awesome! Especially the purple pillow hanging out on a gorgeous chair.This last photo was snagged on my way home. What a nice surprise!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Paczki Paczki! Polish donuts. Pops driving Peach tree Grapes Orange Gabby Letters in the sky, nyc

My little sister and her husband had a baby! I drove down to Maryland with my pops who was up from Florida and took the bus back. The two pups in the picture are the reason I have another kitty.

Friday, October 7, 2011


New tags! New tags!
Try to contain yourself as I show you my new tags. I know, its very exciting.

I needed tags for my new pillow design so they could go into another store. That's right, my pillows are now in two stores. High five to self. They needed the products to have tags and I didn't have them. More on the new store later.

Thanks a bunch to SophiaDesignShoppe who helped me out. It also reminds me that I still owe her two more product images for etsy.  Whops.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Local jelly Morning Kichi Mixing paint New reading with the kittes. Plant New armchair! New design preview 1. Local jam from the farmers market.
2. Kichi (a.k.a shadow kitty, a.k.a. Vernon)
3. Mixing paint to silk screen.
4. Could NOT read Eat Sleep Sit. It was just so so boring and I had to put it down. Started reading Subtle Wisdom: Understanding Suffering, Cultivating Compassion Through Ch'an Buddism by Sheng-yen. As you can see I found the Buddhism section at the Jersey City library. The kitties were playing around me. Kichi is looking down at Fat Baci.
5. Moved some plants around. Now my tree is next to...
6. OUR NEW ARMCHAIR!?! Found this beauty at the Newark Salvation army for $25 bucks. About to steam clean it this week.
7. Sneak peak at the new design that I slaved over. I will also post how I created the new design. Lots of photos.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sophia Design ShoppeMy friend at Sophia Design Shoppe and me exchanged services. I snapped images of her new products and she printed me some new tags for my pillows. Good to have friends with skills. she did an awesome job on them. Here are some of the photos I took for her. Make sure to hop over to her etsy page to check out more.

Set of 8 Vintage Kraft Place Cards Set of 8 Kraft Holiday Gift Tags Set of 8 Bright Floral Note Cards